50 Ways to Happiness & Success – Part 1


November 06, 2018


  1. Your daily affirmations will have much more power when they express a specific goal that you truly believe in.


  1. Make it a habit to transform those pessimistic patterns by putting a positive spin on them.


  1. Take steps every day to rid the negative, toxic people from your life, and start surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting friends instead.


  1. Reframe your negative self-talk by looking at the true reality. Don’t compare your mistakes to others’ successes.


  1. The world is not black and white. If you’re berating yourself with thoughts such as “I always fail” or “I’ll never get this,” turn them around by thinking instead, “How can I?”


  1. Do little setbacks ruin your whole day? Stop making mountains out of molehills and see those small annoyances for what they really are.


  1. “Will it really matter in 5 years?” That simple question can allow you to let go of a lot of stress, both in business and in life.


  1. Is constant worry ruining your life? Try scheduling time to obsess, then when you find yourself worrying, simply say, “I’ll think about that when it’s time.”


  1. Fear and excitement often feel the same, and if you mistake your excitement for fear it will hold you back.


  1. No important change ever happened overnight. Give yourself time to build new habits and thought patterns rather than giving up too soon.


  1. We don’t learn from our successes. We learn from failure. Embrace it and move on
  2. Focus on your audience and what they need, not on you and your feelings and thoughts, and you’ll always have the motivation to move forward.


  1. Find what makes your heart sing, even in a job you hate, then delegate the rest.


  1. Know that you are already successful. Even a brand new business owner is a rousing success to those still dreaming, and those who dream are successful to those without a goal.


  1. Overthinking and overanalyzing are just another way to procrastinate. It’s time to stop thinking and start doing.


  1. Feedback from respected mentors and friends is important, but there comes a time when you have to stop asking for opinions and start making decisions.


  1. Learning to objectively assess yourself, your business, and your life is critical to your happiness.


  1. How’s your RADAR? Learning to identify and act on those little cues and gut feelings is what separates the truly successful from the simply hard working.


  1. Adopt the Boy Scout motto in your business and in life: “Always be prepared.” You’ll enjoy a much more peaceful, stress-free life when you do.


  1. Is your to-do list overwhelming? Make it a point to do those small, 5-minute tasks them the minute they appear on your desk. Don’t let them build up.


  1. A change of environment can greatly improve your productivity and creativity. Take your laptop and go work on the porch or at the library.


  1. Learn to recognize and name the triggers that cause you to procrastinate. When you can see them coming, you can take steps to avoid them.


  1. Treat yourself as you would a favorite employee, with small rewards for a job well done.


  1. Create a dedicated office space and train your brain to turn on “work mode” when you’re there.


  1. Lay down your ground rules…and obey them. You can’t expect others to respect your working hours if you don’t.


“Will it really matter in 5 years?” That simple question can allow you to let go of a lot of stress, both in business and in life”

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