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When was the last time you took a hard look at your website graphics, your social media profiles, and your printed marketing materials?

Have you been using the same social media profile picture since you first joined 10 years ago?

Does your website still look like the DIY version you put up when you first started coaching?

It’s time for a change – and a change for the better!

The Branding Photo Shoot Planner can help!

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to plan to improve the quality of your profile pictures, and how to portray your professional images – so that they instantly tell visitors who you are and about your mission.

  • 24 page PDF will be available for download immediately upon purchase
  • Easy exercises and worksheets help you clarify exactly what you want, plan well, and build good self care habits leading up to your shoot.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

  • Step 1: Have a Plan for the Photos
    Just because everyone else is having new headshots done doesn’t mean you have to. Get clear on why you’re doing it and where you’ll use the photos before you take one more step.
    • Exercise: Plan Your Image Usage
  • Step 2: Know Your Own Brand
    You might be surprised how many people show up to a photo shoot with no clear brand strategy. Even the best photographer will fail if you don’t give her something to work with.
    • Exercise: Clarify Your Branding
  • Step 3: Create a Brand Vision Board
    Long before hire your photographer, start collecting inspiration in the form of a Pinterest board or digital folder you can share. Colors, textures, location, layout & style are all fair game when collecting images. Gather up anything that feels like you.
    • Exercise: Create a Pinterest Board
  • Step 4: Find a Photograper
    Professional photographers all have their own style and specialty, so you may have to research several before you find a few that are a good fit. Prices vary wildly as well, so keep your budget in mind when looking.
    • Exercise: Research & Interview Potential Photographers
  • Step 5: Know Exactly What You Want
    Photographers typically charge by the package, so when interviewing potential candidates, be prepared to answer questions like number of images, how they’ll be used, locations for shooting, whether you’ll need hair and makeup services and more.
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Perfect Photo Shoot
  • Step 6: Plan Your Wardrobe & Location
    Choose clothing styles and a location that you’re comfortable in and that match your branding and values. Include accessories, and try to include one piece with each outfit that features your brand colors.
    • Exercise: Get Out the Catalog or Head to the Mall and Find 2 – 3 Signature Outfits
  • Step 7: You Don’t Have to Be In Every Shot
    Your brand photos don’t all have to include you. Consider using on-brand props for photos you can use when designing your website or other assets.
    • Exercise: Collect Your Props
  • Step 8: Schedule Hair & Nails Ahead of Time
    The last thing you want is to get a bad haircut the day before your big photo shoot. Leave yourself some time to fix any faux pas that come up.
    • Exercise: Get Out the Calendar and Start Booking Appointments
  • Step 9: Take Good Care of Yourself
    You won’t look your best on the big day if you only slept 3 hours and spent the weekend at your sister’s wedding. Plan well, and be good to yourself in the days leading up to your shoot.
    • Exercise: Build Good Self-Care Habits Into Your Routine Now
  • Step 10: Start Planning Your Next Shoot
    You can never have enough brand photos, and you’ll learn something from every shoot, so start making notes now about what worked and what didn’t, and what you want to be sure to include next time.
    • Exercise: The Post-Shoot Breakdown

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Professional photos help attract high quality clients who are willing and able to spend money with them. With this planner, they will be able to plan your own branding photo shoot.

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