Clutter Buster for a More Organised and Profitable Business

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Welcome to Clutter Buster for a More Organised and Profitable Business

In this program, here’s what we’ll cover:

Business Inventory

In this step, you’ll take the blinders off and get everything organised by creating an at-a-glance listing of all your projects, products, websites, domains and other various accounts.


Get Rid of Clutter

In this step, you’ll be able to clear out the junk that clutters your business and weighs you down, so you can get back to feeling joyful and inspired by what you do.

It’s okay to have a lot of products and websites and different divisions in your business. It’s not okay if they’re sucking up your time and resources that can be better used elsewhere.

Emergency Business Plan

In this step, you’ll be able to create a clear action plan that includes everything your loved ones will need to step in and take care of your business if you get sick, need surgery or pass away. You’ll arm them with all the information they’ll require to continue running your business, sell or shut it down.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Karen Perkins
Karen is an accredited professional organiser with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) 

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