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Think of the word “sexy” and what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

I have no doubt in my mind that BUDGETS and MONEY REPORTS for your business were NOT at the top of that sexy list! LOL

That’s true for most people. Ask nearly any small business owner and they’ll all tell you they hate budgets and bookkeeping. There seems to be a fear about numbers or doing the calculations wrong that hinder a lot of people from really making friends with their books and taking total control over their business, especially for solopreneurs who don’t have an accounting department of their own.

But what if I told you that budgets CAN be sexy and don’t have to lead to worry and agony every month? Instead of always worrying that you don’t have enough money, think about all the things you can do for your business – or as a result of your business – that will bring joy to you and to others.

I know, that’s a hard habit to break, always worrying about if your company is making money and if you have enough to cover your expenses. But in this planner, we’re being a BOSS and taking control of our finances so we can open the doors to bigger and better things in life. Come along for the ride!

Changing Your Denial Mindset

If you have had a toddler in your house, then you know the game of “if I close my eyes then I disappear.” This is called Object Permanence in the world of Developmental Psychology; the kids don’t understand that the world around them still exists even if they can’t see it. Now think about your own financial feelings about your company. If you don’t print out reports or look at your financial statements, does that mean you’re making a profit or that a loss doesn’t exist? Or does that mean you’re in denial and clueless about the true state of affairs? Be honest.

Denial won’t get you to that 6-figure milestone; denial will make your business stagnant and possibly repel clients away because of your fear or lack of confidence. In this planner we’ll take steps to make friends with your money and to learn to love all the opportunities that your business can afford once you get real with how much you want to make.

There’s no time like the present to tackle this denial problem so face your money fears head-on and take a look at your business bank statement, right now. Now recite some positive affirmations about your business and how you feel running it. Meditate on the reasons why you started your business in the first place. Think about the lifestyle you want to lead with your family. Journal about your fears and possible steps for overcoming those money fears.

While we may not love numbers, budgets give you the power to do great things in your business – and in life.

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