Now it might seem obvious that your time is limited. After all, everyone is working with the same 24-hour day. But what a lot of new coaches fail to consider is all the time you have to spend on things that aren’t actually coaching.

  • Unpaid discovery calls…sure, they often lead to a new client, but if you’re spending 30 or 60 minutes on the phone with each potential client, that can eat up your day fast!
  • Support…if you’re like most solo-preneurs, you’re likely still handling a lot of support tasks yourself. Clients and potential clients call and email frequently, taking time away from those one-on-one calls.
  • Marketing…without your blog, your email list, your Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, you soon won’t have any clients to serve. But this is all “unpaid” time as well.

But what if, for one hour each week, you were able to reach 20 or 40 or even 100 people? Now instead of filling your day with one-on-one calls, you can actually work fewer hours while reaching more people and earning more money.

Now, creating a group-coaching program might seem daunting. There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate, but trust me, you already know what you need to include. All that remains is the planning and implementation.

This Step-by-Step Group Coaching Planner Covers:

  • Step 1: Define Your Program Focus
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Group Coaching Ideas
  • Step 2: Identify Your Ideal Client
    • Exercise: Define Your Ideal Client
  • Step 3: Outline Your Training
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Ideal Client’s Biggest Pain Points
    • Exercise: Outline and Prioritise the Solutions
  • Step 4: Determine Your Format
    • Exercise: Decide on Your Program Format
  • Step 5: Beef it Up with Valuable Bonus Trainings
    • Exercise: Decide on Supplemental Training and Potential Instructors
  • Step 6: Create Downloadables
    • Exercise: Decide on Downloadable Content
  • Step 7: Add an Interactive Facebook Group
    • Exercise: Draft Your Group Rules
    • Exercise: Create Your Group “Themes”
  • Step 8: Plan Your Launch
    • Exercise: Create Your VIP Wait list
    • Exercise: Reach Out to JV Partners

Take a Peek at this Step-by-Step Workbook:


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