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13.Create Your Dream Life (Workbook)

This workbook shows you how to create your dream life.

Most women start a business to have the freedom over their time, schedule, and earning potential. They want the flexibility that a traditional 9 to 5 doesn’t offer. That’s admirable and sounds pretty good, right.

But there’s a big problem. Just because you have your own business doesn’t mean you’ll be living the life of your dreams.

Creating your dream life takes conscious thought and intentional effort.

You can’t experience your ideal life until you know what you want and decide how you’re going to get it. That’s what you’ll do in this guide.

The seven steps outlined over the next several pages take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

First, you’ll take stock of your current reality and get real about the role of money in your dream life (hint: it’s a requirement). Then you’ll focus on the value of your time, take steps to use your time more wisely, and create a plan to cultivate multiple income streams. Lastly, you’ll set the stage to make a philanthropic impact, enjoy your freedom, and leave a meaningful legacy.

You do have the ability to live your dream life. Go through this workbook, complete the worksheets, and take the required actions. Dreams can come true.

Let’s get started!

Karen Perkins
Karen is an accredited professional organiser with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) 

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Welcome to How to Create Your Dream Life Like a Boss

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