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“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
– Marc Anthony

The truth is, there are millions of people out there who trudge off to work each and every day, wishing they were anywhere else, and hoping one day to find what really inspires them. If that’s you, then rest assured, you are not alone.

The Step-by-Step Workbook Covers (20 pages):

  • Your Personal Passion Project: How to Dream without Limits
    • Exercise: If I could spend my time any way I liked
  • Keeping a Journal: It’s Not a Diary. Doing this specific method of journaling helps you to discover your true passion over time
    • Exercise: My Daily Questions: Brainstorming Activity
  • Creating a Journaling Space that Inspires Creativity and Frees your Mind to Dream
    • Exercise: What’s in your ideal Journaling Space?
  • What Others Think: Your Passions May be Obvious to Everyone Else but You so Ask
    • Exercise: Discover Your Superpower, Discover your Passion
  • Looking Back. Discover your Passion from the Future
    • Exercise: Your Autobiography
  • Get Out of Your Office: Your Passion is out there waiting to be discovered
    • Exercise: Plan New Experiences
  • Chase Shiny Objects: The Possibilities Truly are Endless
    • Exercise: List of Future Projects to do Someday
  • Evaluation: Time to Put it all Together so you can Love your Business and your Life

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