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Clearly, now is the time to embrace Instagram and the power it promises as a part of your overall marketing plan.

But Instagram presents some unique challenges, too, and those might have you wondering if it’s worth your time.

First, it’s completely smart phone driven. Unlike other platforms, you cannot post to Instagram from your computer. In fact, you can’t even post to it from 3rd party apps. It’s fully designed to attract cell phone users. So in markets where mobile usage is high (and let’s face it, that’s nearly everywhere), Instagram is a no-brainer.

It’s also image and video centric. Unlike Facebook and Twitter and even Google+, where text updates are still the norm, Instagram demands photos. Text (called captions on Instagram) is secondary—although Instagram is quite generous with their character limit, unlike some other platforms. Keep in mind that even on other platforms, images typically outperform text only updates, so focusing on images in your marketing is probably not a bad thing.

So how can you put Instagram to work in your marketing? It all begins with a profile…

The Instagram Marketing Planner Covers (15 PAGES):

  • Step 1: Optimize Your Profile
    • Exercise: Create Your Instagram Profile
  • Step 2: Start Growing Your Community
    • Exercise: Identify the Influencers
    • Exercise: Find Your Dream Clients
  • Step 3: #Hashtags #Matter
    • Exercise: Find Your Hashtags
  • Step 4: Develop Your Brand Strategy
    • Exercise: Define Your Brand
  • Step 5: Start (or Join) a Conversation
    • Exercise: Plan Your Conversational Style
  • Step 6: Build a Buzz About Your Brand
    • Exercise: Plan an Instagram Contest
  • Step 7: Intentional Posting Strategies
    • Exercise: Develop an Intentional Posting Strategy
  • Step 8: Instagram Ads
    • Exercise: Plan Your Ad Campaign
This course does not have any sections.

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