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LinkedIn Planner

LinkedIn Planner

It might just be the most valuable, least talked about—and let’s face it, underused—social network available to you.

We’re talking about LinkedIn, of course, and if you’re not using it to find new coaching clients, you’re missing out.

Since 2003, LinkedIn has been bringing business owners and employees together in a way that’s simply not possible with traditional networking. By connecting you with colleagues, industry leaders, and brands, LinkedIn provides a new way for those seeking employment to meet—and be hired by—the companies seeking new talent.

But it didn’t stop with the employee/employer relationship. In 2006, with the launch of public profiles, LinkedIn firmly staked its claim as an online database of professionals from all over the globe and in every industry you could imagine.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

  • Step 1: Set Up Your Account
    • Exercise: Choose Your Photo & Create Your Headline
  • Step 2: Optimize Your Profile for Search
    • Exercise: Use Your Keywords
  • Step 3: Find and Connect with Your Ideal Clients
    • Exercise: Search for and Identify Potential Connections
    • Exercise: Create an Invitation Template
  • Step 4: Find, Join and Participate in Relevant Groups
    • Exercise: Find and Join Relevant Groups in Your Niche
  • Step 5: Create Your Own LinkedIn Group
    • Exercise: Determine Your Group’s USP
  • Step 6: Share Valuable Content
    • Exercise: Find and Share Relevant, High-Quality Content
  • Step 7: Publish on LinkedIn Pulse
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Content Ideas for LinkedIn Pulse
  • Step 8: Promote Your Best Products & Programs
    • Exercise: Choose Products and Create Promotions for LinkedIn

Take a Peek at This Step-by-Step Action Planner:

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Just about anyone who conducts business online will find LinkedIn to be helpful in finding and reaching new customers.

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