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06.Plan & Schedule Emails (Workbook)

This workbook shows you how to effectively plan and schedule your emails.

Emailing your subscribers valuable content on a regular basis is a key part of running a successful online-based business. Yet, many business owners feel overwhelmed deciding what to email and when.

The best way to feel confident and stick with consistent email communication is to create an email plan. After you’ve read and completed the worksheets in this guide, you’ll have an email marketing plan and personalised strategies for implementation in your business.

The seven steps in this workbook address different components of planning and scheduling emails. First, you’ll determine how often you want to email your list. Then you’ll decide on email tools, brainstorm what your readers need to know, and develop product release and editorial calendars. Lastly, you’ll begin to curate sharable content and start to batch produce your emails.

When you take control of your email marketing, instead of winging it each day, you set yourself up for increased business success. By knowing who you email and why you’re emailing them, you can provide better value to your subscribers.

The result is a more engaged email list. This is how you develop relationships where your subscribers value what you share and look forward to receiving your emails.

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Karen Perkins
Karen is an accredited professional organiser with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) 

How to Plan and Schedule Your Emails Like a Boss

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