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Welcome to Planning Your Best Year Ever

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As every small business owner knows, if you’re not having fun and enjoying your work, it’s tough to stay motivated. And if you’re not feeling motivated, it’s nearly impossible to grow.

So many solo-preneurs simply exist, working hard day after day, without ever loving their business, and sometimes even coming to resent the very things you used to enjoy.

Or maybe you still look forward to your day-to-day tasks, but have trouble achieving your goals—or even knowing what your goals are. Business feels boring or stagnated, and you can’t seem to reach that next level.

Whatever level you’re at, whether you’re in love with your business today or not, the only sure-fire way to make the next year your best ever is to spend some time reviewing your wins, setting new goals, and planning your strategy for the coming months.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. It’s easy, and even fun.


Before you can look forward, spend some time looking back. As one vintage ad proclaims, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” It’s time to celebrate!

You have very likely accomplished a lot in the past 12 months, even if some days it doesn’t feel like it.

Think back to how you started the past year, and make a list of how you’ve grown and improved. Keep the following life and business areas in mind as you make your list:

  • Family & Relationships
  • Financial
  • Reputation
  • Audience Reach
  • Charity & Volunteer Work
  • Business Vision
  • Spirituality

Then write down where you were then versus where you are now for each of these areas, and any others that are important to you.

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