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11. Quiz Planner

Here are a few benefits of using quizzes in your business:

  • Get to know your audience better, what they like and dislike
  • Understand your audience’s personality
  • Get feedback you’ve been looking for in your business
  • Build a growing, strong email list

When you roll out quizzes in a fun and innovative way, you’ll be able to:

  • Become the go-to person in your industry
  • Boost your authority online and build visibility
  • Capture the attention of your ideal client market
  • Grow your following and increase traffic to your website and social media platforms
  • Sell your services, courses, and programs to anyone who signs up!

Quiz Planner: (21 PAGES) covers:

  • Step 1: Choosing a Fun Title and Targeting Your Ideal Clients
    • Exercise: Plan the Characteristics That Will Grab the Interest of Your Audience
    • Exercise: Know Your Ideal Client and Ideal Quiz Maker
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Quiz Title
  • Step 2: Choosing a Quiz Style
    • Exercise: Pick a Style of Quiz That Works for Your Audience and Your Brand
  • Step 3: Setting Up Your Quiz
    • Exercise: Choose a Platform for Your Quizzes
  • Step 4: Offering an Incentive
    • Exercise: Think of 10 Results-Based Benefits for Your Current Quiz and for Future Quizzes That You Plan to Launch
    • Exercise: Think of 10 Gift-Based Benefits for Your Current Quiz and for Future Quizzes That You Plan to Launch
  • Step 5: Plan Your Upsell
    • Exercise: List 12 Upsell Offers
  • Step 6: Marketing Your Quiz Offer
    • Exercise: Plan Your Campaign Ads for Your Quiz Offer
    • Exercise: Plan Your Social Media Advertising for Your Quiz
  • Step 7: Track Your Quiz Conversions
    • Exercise: Track Your Quiz Results
    • Exercise: Track Your Paid Traffic Spend

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