Deceased Estate Organising

How we can help

  • Decrease family stress
  • Free up time allowing you to focus on your family and the people that matter most to you

What we can do

  • Inventory listings
  • Categorise, sort, pack
  • Organise disposal & recycling
  • Organise deep cleaning
  • Arrange to sell contents (online or auction)
  • Arrange transportation of goods to auction
  • Arrange evaluations of collectables, antiques and art
  • Organise delivery of bequests to beneficiaries
  • Donations to charity and more…


We're your problem-solver

– these’s no one size fits all, we help find a solution that works best with your lifestyle.

We're your resource

– we can refer you to great professionals for a variety of related services.

We're your support

– we are here to support you throughout the entire process.

We're your personal assistant

– we will deal with any issues and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

We're your time manager

– it’s easy to get off-task, but we’re here to help you stay focused your goals.

We're your how-to manager

– we’re here to gently guide you though the overwhelm.

We're your guide

– with our guidance, you have the ability to change your space and life for the better.

We're your judgement-free partner

–  our only focus to to make your space what you want it to be!

Client Love

Estate clearance – Central Coast

Karen is an exceptional Decluttering Organiser

She was an incredible support through an extremely stressful time when I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of clearing all of my parents’ possessions, accumulated over 80+ years.

Karen tactfully steered me through effective processes to get through 90% of the task, including recommending we need an extra pair of hands and engaging a second organiser for two days.

I could not have gotten through this challenge without her professional skill and wonderful support.

Caroline Wenzil – Journalist – Sydney

Estate clearance – Bondi Junction

“Best money for peace of mind I ever spent”

I am an Australian living in California, an enormous ocean away from my mother’s apartment. The job involved my coming to Sydney for a week and a half to clear an apartment with 20 years’ worth of belongings–there was grief involved as well as pressure. It was recommended I should find an accredited organiser. Karen was recommended to me as someone who is reliable and competent.

All I can say was and is Karen was an answer to my prayers on so many levels. She is wise, sensitive, and discerning and gets what needs to be done, get’s done. She is not afraid of mess and clutter that to me was daunting. She understood my need to respect Mum’s things and make hard decisions about what needed to go. We moved all the goods in a few days, hired trucks, cleaners, removalists, and more–AND it seemed effortless.

Best money for peace of mind I ever spent.

Jan Enfield – Project Manager – California

I was so impressed with their philosophy of environmental preservation and their commitment to recycling. They supported me at every stage…

Dr Tracey McDonald (Order of Australia Honour)

Prior to discovering Clear and Clutterfree services, I had accumulated over 40 years’ worth of stuff that I probably should have thrown out but didn’t. My excuse was not having the time to do it properly because I was working long hours.

Karen and her workers were undaunted by the task and for every room they had a methodical approach that allowed me to sort out what to keep and what to donate or toss.  The team respected my preferences and supported my decisions about items that I just could not part with.  Over the two days, they significantly reduced my clutter and took a lot of it to charity outlets and a pile for sale on the internet rather than into landfill. They wrapped and labelled items for sale and boxed them up ready to go.

I was so impressed with their philosophy of environmental preservation and their commitment to recycling. They supported me at every stage of what we were doing.  I can enjoy my decluttered spaces now and it is all down to Clear and Clutter Free.

I highly recommend Karen and team and wish them every success.

Many thanks Karen

Dr Tracey McDonald – Sydney

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