Declutter & downsize prior to a move

Save costs. Simplify your move.

De-clutter & downsize prior to a move is perfect if you want to:

Prepare and present the home for Open House Inspections

Sell your home faster

Make setting up your new home an easier and more efficient process

Ensure that you’re only moving what you truly love and need into your new home

De-cluttering prior to your move will make packing up your home a lot easier and more time efficient on removal day.

Moving is stressful, but if you have decided to sell up, I can help you de-clutter prior to packing and moving.

Save costs

The less you have to move, the less it will cost to move it. 

You won’t need as big of a house or apartment if you don’t have as many possessions to store.

Find things quicker

You’ll have less to unpack in your new home,and you’ll be able to find the right items faster with less clutter.

Simplify your move

Figuring out what you’d rather not bring with you beforehand, will help your moving and unpacking go more smoothly.

We'd love to help

Whether you have 40-years’ worth of accumulation , or you just need a little guidance to get started, we’d love to help.

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