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Pass It Forward is Part Of My Business Model and Life

Within Pass It Forward we have found clients have many items that have minimal if any financial value, however these can have considerable value to those in need within our community. These items includes clothing, furniture, appliances, bedding, food, sporting goods, collectables, toys, and gardening equipment. We engage between 4-10 separate charities per client engagement, each with different needs and specialties in serving those less fortunate in the community. All are extremely appreciative of the support.

At CLEAR & CLUTTER-FREE we work hard to maximize the contribution we make to the community in conjunction with our clients. We have also found our clients take comfort in the knowledge that the possessions of the close family relative are passed to those in need not simply discarded in a refuse.

In summary Pass it Forward is great for our community, our clients and the environment !

Current partners.

My current partners

Cerebral Palsy Alliance:

A non-profit that provides services to thousands of people with a disability and their families. Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term that refers to a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move. I donated a home decluttering experience to raise money.

Bramha Kumaris:

A worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to teaching meditation, peace of mind, personal transformation and letting go of clutter in all its different forms.


Previous partners.

Previous partners.

Bramha Kumaris:  

I was a regular volunteer at the Blue Mountains Retreat Centre for ten years. In 2013 I became a live-in volunteer for 18 months.

Life Line:

Helps Australians bounce back from crisis and empowers them to find hope #boundback. I was a volunteer counsellor at Surry Hills, Sydney for two years.

Migraine Action:

An advisory charity for people affected by migraine. They offer support and information to young people who are suffering from this challenging health condition.


A community-based organisation helping Australians recover from mental illness through a unique program of mutual support and personal development. I attended this amazing group to support my sister for five years.

Thank you for supporting my work – I’m able to contribute to important causes thanks to you. xo

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