Rates & Packages

Your wishes for time, space and simplicity granted

We offer two ways to purchase our organising services: pay-as-you-go single session and multi-session packages. Our packages vary between $70 to $85 per hour.

We provide guidance and coaching as needed as well as practical assistance. The focus is on residential decluttering and organising, which includes paper thorough paper sorting so that you feel back in control.

We would love to work with you whether we meet just once or several times. Don’t let the burden of procrastination drain you any longer.

Home decluttering and organisation is perfect if you:

Can only manage a few minutes of declutttering at a time

Want to move quickly and get fast results

Feel overwhelmed by long projects

Don’t know where to start

Need some guidance, motivation, and accountability to get it done…

Home office organising is perfect if you:

Find your office has become a dumping ground for other stuff in the house

Have lots of paper

Need an updated filing system

Procrastinate because space is too messy for productive work

Can’t find what you need and things just don’t get done.

Better productivity and time management is perfect if you:

Struggle to stay focused

Waste time

Get to the end of the day and feel you haven’t accomplished much

Fail to make progress on important goals and projects

Need to be a self-starter because you work from home, or want to get ahead with your goals

Want a greater sense of control in your life…

Ways you can benefit working with an organising-declutter buddy

(Ten years of professional level experience)

Even if you can, you may be too busy, too stressed, too tired to deal with everything on your own. The support of an experienced declutter coach will enable you to be liberated from a lifetime of bad habits, giving you an opportunity for a new start….we all need those sometimes!

Hands-On Assistance: I guarantee to be with you from start to finish. How? Whether you require just a one-off kick start session or ongoing sessions, I provide free distance assistance by phone, or email afterward so that you CAN achieve just what you set out to do!

Motivation: Paying someone to support you do the thing you most dread and avoid doing is a sure way to ensure that you will actually do it.

Focus: Having someone there will stop you sneaking off to the computer. It will help you tackle the boredom and resistance and you won’t even notice that you are tackling it!

 Expert Guidance: Experience counts! Someone with an eye for space and organisation will help you solve difficulties that your living space presents.

A Fresh Perspective: We offer customised solutions based on your space, lifestyle and budget.

Accountability: You’ll receive accountability – we’re here to help you stick with it! Our goal is to provide lasting results based on teaching you organising fundamentals that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Fun: Having a hands-on decluttering buddy can actually be fun! We make each organising session fun, interactive, and rewarding. You may actually enjoy getting organised.

Dreams-Come-True Package


$2,040.00 $1,680

  • This is the best value for a whole house overhaul, an over-packed garage or ongoing maintenance support.
  • This package includes an in-home assessment, action plan and organising assistance with an experienced organiser.
  • Some weekend availability, if required.
  • Working together, you’ll save loads of time, effort and perhaps even save an important relationship!
  • $70 per hour
  • Save $15 per hour
  • Conditions apply*

Multi-Wish Package


$1,020.00 $960

  • During the blitz, we can target one area (such as organising the office, a junk room) or a few smaller areas around the home.
  • This package includes an in-home assessment, action plan and organising assistance with an experienced organiser.
  • Some weekend availability.
  • Working together you’ll save heaps of time by staying on track. Decluttering facilitates a more focused approach to your business and life!
  • $80 per hour
  • Save $5 per hour
  • Conditions apply*

Quick Wave Session



  • In three hours we could complete a small organising project or kick-start a larger-scale project (such as a home office, kitchen, bedroom).
  • This package includes decluttering support and practical strategies as needed
  • Weekdays only
  • We begin our session with an in-home assessment and jump right in to make immediate improvements
  • $85 per hour
  • Standard rate

Refer a friend, get $50!

If you feel like you’ve benefited from our time together, I’d love you to recommend me to your friends and colleagues who will benefit from hands-on assistance and support. I do my best work with busy, professional mothers. Along with my sincere thanks, I offer $50 off your next 3-hour organising session for every successful client referral.