I can assist with time consuming tasks

Your wishes for time and simplicity granted!
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A Personal Assistant is Perfect for You If:

You have time consuming tasks that need attention

You’re overwhelmed with to much to do 

Want to off load tasks to someone who’ll get things done 

You’ve been meaning to catch up your to-do-list for weeks / months / years

What’s Included:

Make phone calls:

Get quotes from tradies

Book appointments

Negotiate with suppliers and service providers regarding:

faulty products


shoddy workmanship

non delivery of product or service

Assist with home budget and finances:

Track spending

Make every dollar count

Smooth your bills

Simplify repayments

General prepare for personal tax returns

Consolidate your super 

Making an important purchase?

Avoid costly mistakes, research product reviews

Compare product/service/policies

Find a better health insurance

Email management:

Organise emails /email filters

Set up folders

Draft email

Send emails

General technology assistance:

Desktop computer, iPad, iPhone

WordPress, YouTube,

Proficient in Microsoft Office

Convert PDF’s to Word/Excel

Inventory of assets (physical possessions, digital assets)

Terrific for insurance claims!

How it works

  • We discuss your needs
  • You off load your tasks
  • We execute – generally within one week
  • Tasks completed – we contact you


  • Hire me for a few hours
  • I can work in your home or virtually
  • We would love to work with you whether we meet just once or several times.


More flexibility and free time


Support on tap

Giving you back time

Take the pressure of yourself

Ready to get started? Please call Clear & Clutterfree at 0425 334 537 or email enquiries@clutterfree.com.au  for a free phone consultation.


Declutter your mind

– finally organise & enjoy your life when you declutter your schedule, space & mind.

Decrease stress

– we help find solutions that works best with your unique needs and lifestyle

For time-poor people

Accredited Expert

Karen Perkins is an Accredited Expert Organiser through IOPO (see above logo or ask for more information)


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