I can assist with time consuming tasks

Your wishes for time and simplicity granted!

A personal assistant  is perfect if:

  • You want to eliminate daunting to-do tasks

  • You’ve been meaning to catch up your to-do-list for weeks / months / years

Household Administration

Your in-home personal assistant or virtual PA service

– tasks may include but are not limited to:

  • Negotiate with suppliers and service providers regarding

    faulty products


    shoddy workmanship

    non delivery of product or service


  • Sort and prioritise the mountain of paperwork that you know you need to sort through

  • Email management/filtering

  • Make phone calls

  • Send email

  • Convert PDF to Word/Excel

  • Book appointments (personal or business)

  • Get quotes from tradies

  • Assist with home budget and finances

    Track your spending

    Make every dollar count

    Smooth your bills

    Simplify repayments

    Separate needs from wants

    Set limits and reminders

    Prepare for personal tax returns


  • Inventory of assets (physical possessions, digital assets)

    Terrific for insurance claims!

    Great for quick reference


  • General technology assistance (computer, iPad, iPhone, WordPress, social media, YouTube, Microsoft Office)

How it works

We discuss your needs

You off load your tasks

We execute - generally within one week

Tasks completed - we contact you

Time to enjoy your time, your life!

PA/Administration rates range from $50-$70 per hour

depending on duration of the project (short term or long term) and level of experience required


 Please call Karen for quote on 0425 334 537 or email enquiries@clutterfree.com.au

Respectful and judgement free

We will never discard your belongings without your permission.

Custom-tailored for you

All packages include a customised strategy to reduce clutter and give results.

Confidentially guaranteed

If requested, we will provide a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

10+ years experience & IOPO accredited

Karen Perkins is  an Expert accredited professional organiser through Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO).



If any realistic expectation is not met, we’ll schedule a complimentary session to make the necessary adjustments.

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