Boost Your Profitability with an Office Design Makeover

November 04, 2018

Employers and even remote workers will go to great lengths to improve productivity and profitability.

For some reason, though, they often stop short of reorienting and redesigning the space around them – and they’re making a big mistake, because office design has a direct impact on profits.

The upfront costs of a design makeover might seem daunting, but it really is true that you often must spend money to make money – and in this case, the investment is in the efficiency, happiness, and health of your employees, as well as the image of your company.

All of this increases productivity and therefore profitability – but if you’re still not convinced, read on for just a few of the ways you can redesign your office to make a marked impact on your bottom line.

Re-evaluate your use of space

The first thing to consider is how well your office makes use of the space that’s available to you, as well as the general layout.

And no, this isn’t a plea to switch to an open office plan, either, as in recent years the success of open offices has been questioned.

Rather than an open office, the right idea is an optimised office – one that’s flexible and accounts for the fact that there are several different modes of work, not all of which thrive in an open plan.

For example, just about every business will need to do some collaborative work – and for this, open spaces make sense.

But employees also need to be able to focus, and they value the solitude provided by walls around them – this, too, is a productive space.

It’s important, then, that your office design accounts for different modes of work – and of course, since not all businesses strike the same balance between private and collaborative work, your design should reflect the balance that you have.

Redesign for employee health

Employees who are unhealthy are unhappy – and unproductive.

One of the most direct ways you can improve the happiness of your employees is by making sure they’re healthy and pain-free.

This starts with the equipment they’re using – and as with the use of space above, it’s flexibility that really counts here.

Instead of forcing employees to always use standing desks, for instance, go for adjustable furniture, including desks, ergonomic chairs, and monitor stands.

But don’t stop with pain – employees who fall ill are also unhappy and less productive, especially if they’re forced to miss time at work.

As you redesign, take steps to improve the air quality in your office, making the space feel less stale and cutting down on the spread of germs and airborne illnesses.

You should also consider employee nutrition, and the resources you could provide to improve employee health on that front.

Many employees would be happy to have a cafeteria or kitchen area so that they can prepare food while at the office – rather than going out to eat or making a trip to the vending machine for unhealthy snacks every day.

You can improve many facets of your employees’ health by redesigning your office, and all of these improvements add up to happier, more productive, and more profitable workers.

Make the space pleasant and inviting

Improving the aesthetic of your office can also make a world of difference to the profitability of your company.

Again, part of this comes down to the happiness of your employees: If the space around them is inspiring and invigorating, they work more effectively.

This can be achieved by strategically adding in more colour to an otherwise drab space, taking care to choose colours that either improve mood, reflect the identity of your brand, or both, if possible.

Real artwork goes a long way, as well. Rather than taping up bland corporate posters with supposedly inspirational messages, you can use actual pieces from local artists (such as office murals) that give the space more of a personality.

Adding in plants can both improve air quality and break up bland spaces with colour – and they can even improve the smell of the workspace, which adds to the inviting atmosphere.

You don’t have to go overboard with any of this – too much stuff can be distracting – but make it enough for the space to be somehow identifiable and representative of your brand.

This is key not just for the happiness of your employees, but for leaving a positive, professional impression on potential business partners and/or clients if they visit the space.

Maximise natural light

Natural light is a boon to your office because it relates to each of the aforementioned concerns: improving employee health and happiness, making the space more inviting and personal, and optimising how you make use of space.

Natural light also helps you cut costs directly, too – you can save on electricity, of course, as you let the sun do the bulk of the work of lighting the workspaces, but you can also save energy on temperature control costs if you install large windows in the right places.

And it’s more than just windows – using mirrors and other reflective surfaces can stretch your natural light even further.

Finally, for the spaces that seem like they can’t be illuminated naturally, you’ll still want to reconsider the lighting that’s being used, as something as simple as choosing the right kind of lightbulb can improve the mood of your employees and save even more energy.

Start with a strategy

There are even more examples to be found, but it should be overwhelmingly clear: An office makeover can boost your company’s profitability by making your employees happier and more productive, cutting energy costs, and making the space more inviting to everyone who enters.

And while it might seem like a lot to handle all at once, it all comes down to sitting down and strategizing – understanding the resources you have, getting a feel for what your employees are most in need of, and setting clear goals for the space.

Once the plan is set in motion, you’ll see your space – and your bottom line – transform before your eyes.

Adding in plants can both improve air quality and break up bland spaces with colour – and they can even improve the smell of the workspace, which adds to the inviting atmosphere.

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