What are the advantages of this style of service?


More space

Cleaning is faster and easier

More time, less distraction

More energy, less overwhelm

Save money

More gratitude, more enthusiasm

More present, less distraction

Better productivity, less distraction

More self confident

Decluttering is important for SELF CARE.

You gain energy and calm from your space.

When you do shop it’s more thoughtful and intentional.

It’s energizing to be in control of your time, space, papers and vital information.

You get to set a good example to your loved ones.

A Pro Organiser / Declutterer Can Provide:

♥ Hands-on assistance

I guarantee to be with you from start to finish. How? Whether you require just a one-off kick start session or ongoing sessions, I provide free distance assistance by phone, or email afterward so that you CAN achieve just what you set out to do!

♥ Encouragement

Paying someone to support you do the thing you most dread and avoid doing is a sure way to ensure that you will actually do it.

♥ Momentum 

Having someone there will stop you sneaking off to the computer.

It will help you tackle the resistance and you won’t even notice that you are tackling it! 

♥ Support system

You’ll receive accountability, we’re here to help you stick with it!

Our goal is to provide lasting results based on teaching you organising fundamentals that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

♥ Experience (holistic approach)

Experience counts! Someone with an eye for space and organisation will help you solve difficulties the space presents. There is no one size fits all. 

♥ Plan to keep things simple & fun!

Having a hands-on decluttering buddy can actually be fun and we can help you make decisions with confidence.

We  make each organising session fun, interactive, and rewarding.




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