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About Karen, founder of Clear & Clutterfree

I have worked in office administration with stints in the NSW Premier’s Department, private business and not-for-profit organisations. My duties included admin, accounting, HR, customer service, quality assurance, office ergonomics, personal assistant, digital media and more. With this extensive professional experience, I am able to tailor a quality and specific service for each of my clients.

I also have direct experience of supporting mental health and wellbeing.

    • I volunteered with GROW for five years as a support person for my sister.
    • I trained and volunteered as telephone support person with Life Line.
    • I was a live-in volunteer with the role of reception co-ordinator at a popular meditation retreat center for two years. I also ran workshops on decluttering and ways to simplify life.

I enjoy assisting time poor professionals, seniors and people with disabilities. I love working one to one with clients as well as with a team of organisers.

When I’m not “organising” something or another, I enjoy travelling, taking photos and spending quality time with family and friends.  I’m a member of Danielle Laporte’s beautiful Heart Centered Program of meditations, reflections and poems.  I also enjoy creative baking and drinking cups of tea.

My personal motto is “simplify, simplify, simplify” ~ Henry David Thoreau.


My credentials are:

    • 10+ years in the organising industry in Australia
    • 9 years office allrounder / personal assistant to the managing director of an engineering firm
    • Diploma in business administration
    • Expert accreditation via the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO)
    • Certificates of study in
      • Time Management and Productivity
      • Telephone Counselling (Life Line)
      • Basic Mental Health & Wellbeing (This Way Up ↑↑ )
      • Training & Assessment (understanding learning styles and modalities)
      • Chronic Pain (multidisciplinary approach to pain management) 
      • Introduction to Hoarding
      • Introduction to ADHD
      • NIDS Worker Orientation
      • Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
      • Covid-19 Infection Control Training

About Clear & Clutterfree

1. My mission is to enable people to move forward with greater clarity and calm in their life. I achieve this through a caring and compassionate approach, together with user friendly solutions that help you regain control of your life, time and space.

2. Our service includes most areas of Sydney, (some parts of Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong please ask)

3. We are dedicated to delivering a service that brings you fabulous results.  I work one on one with clients and if requested can arrange a team of organisers for faster progress.

4. We are respectful of your privacy and supportive towards your decisions, possessions, home and family.

5. We have a strong commitment to paying it forward. We do our best to deliver your excess items to charity. Depending on the location, some of the charities we drop off items to are:

    • Dress for Success
    • Local Op Shops
    • Animal Welfare Shelters
    • Tool Libraries
    • Local Community Centers
    • Achieve Australia (Crafts)
    • Aged Care and Child Care groups
    • International Aid (Central Coast)
    • Recycling Centre
    • Men’s Shed

If you are dropping off items yourself, please contact charities directly to check suitability of donations.

Client Love …

Thank you so much for helping me clear my clutter (10 years worth).


Having you there kept me focused.


I couldn’t have worked through it all on my own.


It’s my great pleasure to recommend her.




Lorraine Mae Mother  North Sydney

I hesitated to ask for help...


I hesitated to ask for help, however, Karen was exactly the person I needed.


To finally rid myself of stress and clutter far outweighed the cost of the service.


I found Karen to be caring and non-judgmental throughout the process.


I feel uplifted and my husband is impressed and so happy for me.


I can’t thank Karen enough for her support, inspiration and service.



Vanessa Grice  Mother, Collaroy

…she got our home office organised...


Karen was responsive and helpful throughout the whole process with the piles of paper.


And, best of all she delivered results we needed for our quality certification.



Hanif Khan  Managing Director – HK Calibration Technologies

I have known Karen Perkins for 30 years...  


Karen's gift for saving time and orderlines.


This is evident through her volunteer work in our office.


Everything Karen does is orderly and easy to find.


She has a very good understanding of character and can accurately judge each person’s needs.




Sally   Retreat Co-ordinator , Centre for Spiritual Learning (Leura)

Estate Clearance: “Best money I ever spent"


I am an Australian living in California, an enormous ocean away from my mother’s apartment.


It was recommended I should find an accredited organiser.

Expert Professional Organiser - Karen Perkins

Karen was recommended to me as someone who is reliable and competent.


Best money I ever spent.



Jan Enfield  Project Manager

"I feel so much better about my work-space and myself"


I appreciated Karen’s manner of advising me.


She listened to me expressing my needs before she offered alternative ways to achieve my goals.


This applied to my workplace and equally to my personal living space.


Her advice was practical, achievable and immensely helpful.


It will save me a lot of time.


I feel so much better about my work-space and myself.



Fr Tony O’Brien  Randwick Catholic Parish

...what we achieved in 6 hours what I have been unable to do in years.


I would like to thank you for the work that you did with me and my children to de-clutter their bedroom.


They had accumulated so many toys!


I didn’t know where to start.


To my relief, what we achieved in 6 hours what I have been unable to do in years.



Jennine Sutton  Mother of 3, Concord

I felt a great sense of achievement and relief from burden and overwhelm...


I felt a great sense of achievement and relief from a sense of burden and overwhelm.


It was a very productive three hours.


I feel that I have a nice steady plan about going forward.


I will certainly recommend you to friend who could do with your services.




Rani Sen  Hurlston Park

Declutter Garage: "an absolute joy to work with”


We had a large amount of stuff in the garage.


Long story short, we ended up donating boxes of things we never use to charity.


I am so happy with the results I can finally relax.


Karen's team took were an absolute joy to work with.


I danced a jig of joy, the first time in 20 years.



Rebecca  Teacher - Oatley

...I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get started...


I found Karen’s guidance very helpful and practical.


I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get started.


Karen remained calm, respectful and nonjudgmental and I am especially motivated to overcome my habits of procrastination.


"A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place” has become my motto!



Kamal  Registered Nurse and Health Practitioner

...I had a to craft organising list as long as my arm...


I really wasn’t expecting organising and decluttering to be fun, but it was actually very satisfying.


I really enjoyed finding things and making decisions. 


I love now having quilt pieces housed together.


I have fallen in love with my craft room again. I have completed a record 4 quilts in recent weeks.


If you’re a creative person who has lost their love for craft in the busy-ness of life, you need this.


Ann Parker  Mother and Passionate Quilt Maker - Ryde

... her kind and respectful manner was such a delight to ease into everything.


Karen done such a wonderful job organising our home.


The ideas and handy solutions that was given by Karen's advise was so simple and easy to follow..


My life in my home & office is much easier organised and clear of clutter..


Can't thank her enough... her kind and respectful manner was such a delight to ease into everything..


Thanks again Karen you are the best..



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