Karen Perkins

Professional Organiser and De-Clutterer
Hi, I’m Karen! I am passionate about being a professional organiser and my core objective is to provide coaching, hands-on-sorting, organising, and de-cluttering services to time-poor professionals.

Random Facts About Me

When I was in high school, I loved everything gymnastics, roller skating, and trampoline. My good friend was a constant inspiration having achieved high-level skills in gymnastics and the Australian water polo team!
A retired nurse invited me to assist with downsizing her home in India! I accepted her offer and had an amazing time in India as well as a short stay in Dubai – all expenses paid.
I lived in a Meditation retreat centre, twice as a volunteer…at the Blue Mountains. The first time round 2 years, second time round, 18 months. It was a great experience!
I attended a Tongan wedding, with a friend (2017) and the Princess of Tonga was also present. I loved the dancing, the music and the uplifting cultural experience.

My Values & Beliefs

My Vision

Bringing clarity and harmony to your life.  

My Mission

By providing innovative decluttering techniques and an efficient, effective approach to organising, I am enabling individuals, professionals and families to enjoy stress-free home and office spaces.  

Professional Accreditation


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