Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organiser?

Professional organisers are those who can help you simplify your life by making your home or business run smoothly by getting rid of the clutter and assist organising closets, cupboards, drawers, files and entire rooms of homes. They make the most use of any space and find a place for everything.

This is a service that can take days or even weeks to complete, but will have your home looking cleaner and un-cluttered. Most of all, the service will make everything in your home and office easy to find and allow you to live much more efficiently.

You may be surprised at other services many organisers offer. Each organiser has their own skill-set and personality. There are some who are also interior designers, while others assist students in study and time management. Some offer space planning and Feng Shui and others offer event planning. The Institute of Professional Organisers can provide more information.

What Happens During an Organising / Decluttering Session ?
  • First, we’ll look at the space that needs help and discuss your needs, likes and dislikes.
  • Then we’ll assess your space, challenges, intentions and more.
  • Next, we’ll create a strategy to create a useful, organised space.
  • Then, we begin!
  • At the end of the session, we assign you “home-work” and schedule your next organising/decluttering session.
  • Finally, we collect payment for the session or for a packaged program.
How Long Will It Take?

This depends on the size of the room and your level motivation.

  • Generally, in 3-4 hours we can complete a small space such as a pantry or closet.
  • Larger or more complex areas, like kitchens, home offices, garages will take longer.
  • Some clients need someone to help them get started.
  • Others prefer someone to help them from start to finish. Each client’s needs are unique.
Can a Family Member or Friend Help?

It’s great if your family and friends want to support you. They can be helpful during a session in lots of ways by:

  • Looking after the baby or taking young children out
  • Taking the dog for a walk
  • Hanging out laundry
  • Bringing boxes and bags downstairs
  • Admiring the process and giving encouragement
  • Loading the car with items leaving the house
  • Dropping bags at the local charity shop
  • Putting out the rubbish and recycling
  • Taking items to the local recycling centre
  • Providing and lunch and preparing refreshments
What if I’m Embarrassed?

Working with an Organiser is nothing to be embarrassed about. Getting help from an organiser is no different than getting help with any other thing you may not be able to do on your own: Professional Organisers are skilled specialists who help create order where it’s lacking.

  • Some people think organising is something everyone should be capable of doing. The truth is not everyone can, or wants to.
  • Even if you can, you may be too busy, too stressed, too tired to deal with everything on your own.
Is Your Service Confidential?

Is Your Service Confidential?

Having our Clients’ trust is essential to the success and continuation of our business. We have Privacy Policy to reassure our clients.

  • We will never discard your belongings without your permission.
  • We abide by the Codes of Ethics of our Professional Association, which includes maintaining confidentiality surrounding you and your situation.
  • If requested, we can provide a mutual Confidentiality Agreement.
How Are the Services Billed?
  • Clear & Clutterfree offers two ways to purchase organising services: single-session and pre-paid multi-session packages.
  • Each session generally lasts a minimum of three hours. In three to four hours, we can make huge improvements to your troubled space!
  • The value you receive is immeasurable. You receive custom one-on-one time with us in the privacy of your own home or office. We direct, empower, coach and assist you to an organised and less cluttered life.
Can I Give the Gift of Organising to a Family Member?

Sure, but make sure that it’s really a gift for them. Organising sessions will only be productive if an individual is motivated and ready to make changes.

Change cannot happen unless an individual or family is ready for it.

How Do I to Prepare For Decluttering or Downsizing?

Decluttering or downsizing can be a difficult thing to do, physically, mentally and emotionally. Being prepared can help.

Mental preparation:

  • Try to get a good nights rest.
  • Focus on the end result.
  • Arrange for child care, if you have little ones.
  • Allow for a little anguish.

Basic supplies:

  • A couple large boxes, containers or laundry baskets.
  • Heavy duty bags.


  • Share your struggles and successes with someone. A relative or a friend would be great.
  • A camera for before and after (optional)
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