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I’m an experienced residential home organiser who DECLUTTERS your home to create a TRANQUIL OASIS in a busy world.

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Accredited as an Expert Home Organiser by the Institute of Professional Organisers.

Clear & Clutterfree takes a person-centered approach and is here to help when life events bring change or when you’re just feeling overwhelmed.

(Decluttering & Organising) Sydney

Meet Karen

I thrive on helping to bring order into chaos. Even as a small child I loved seeing my books and toys back in their place when I was finished playing with them. I feel it’s my calling to help others who need to get their surroundings cleared of clutter – so they can find more peace, tranquillity and clarity in their lives.

Have a question? Let’s Chat!

  • In our 15-30 minute enquiry call, I’ll get a better understanding of your needs and can offer guidance to get you started.
  • Ill explain my services and how we can help you live with less clutter.

residential decluttering and organising

By reducing clutter and maximizing your space, your home will finally feel “just right.”  Practical assistance and support you to declutter and organise your space.

digital and paperwork organising

I can help you sort and manage your paper work. I can also set up or tweak systems to help you cope better with unexpected change. 


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What Is a Professional Organiser?

Professional organisers are those who can help you simplify your life by making your home or business run smoothly by getting rid of the clutter and can assist organising cupboards, drawers, files and entire rooms of homes. They make the most use of any space and find a place for everything.

This is a service that can take days or even weeks to complete, but will have your home looking cleaner and un-cluttered. Most of all, the service will make everything in your home and office easy to find and allow you to live much more efficiently.

You may be surprised at other services professional organisers offer. Each organiser has their own skill-set and personality. There are some who are also interior designers/decorators. Some are personal stylists and some are great with photo organising. Others offer specialised services, like counselling, working with hoarders, assisting those with disabilities including ADHD. The Institute of Professional Organisers can provide more information on highly complex or specialised services. I can also suggest who might be able assist. Please ask, I’m happy to help!

Who Needs Professional Organising?

  • Time poor people needing physical support for greater efficiency, it could be one room or a whole house
  • Individuals requiring an extra pair of hands and guidance to manage and lead family/friends
  • NDIS participants wanting to practice home and life skills
  • Chronic disorganised people who are ready for change
  • You may have tenancy obligations and want to learn and apply strategies to keep spaces clutterfree
  • An adult child who is moving his or her parents into a retirement community
  • Lawyers, executors, social services who need practical assistance serving their clients

Most professional organisers charge an hourly rate ranging from $75 to $125 per hour.

While the price may seem steep, many clients find the service pays for itself.


Ready to get started on your decluttering journey?

What Our Clients Say

Karen, I appreciate your assistance. Not only did you help sort through papers – I was able to weed out what was not wanted and now I can put my hands on relevant files straight away!

Surprisingly, it also got me motivated to update a bunch of other things on my to-do-list.

Thanks again so much.

Kathy Myrtle- Computer Coach – Bondi Junction

Spare room repurposed into a games room:

Thanks so much for helping us sort through the spare room at a short notice.  My sons can’t wait to repurpose this space into a dedicated games room!

Mother at Rose Bay

Office sorting:

I hesitated to ask for help…

I hesitated to ask for help, however, Karen was exactly the person I needed.

To finally rid myself of stress and clutter far outweighed the cost of the service. I found Karen to be caring and non-judgmental throughout the process.

I feel uplifted and my husband is impressed and so happy for me. I can’t thank Karen enough for her support, inspiration.

Vanessa Grice - Mother - Collaroy Beach

Craft room decluttered and colour co-ordinated: 

…I had a to craft organising list as long as my arm…

I really wasn’t expecting organising and decluttering to be fun, but it was actually very satisfying.

I really enjoyed finding things and making decisions and I’ve fallen in love with my craft room again.

If you’re a creative person who has lost their love for craft in the busy-ness of life, you need this.

Ann Parker - Passionate Quilter - East Ryde

Your assistant was really amazing with wardobe organising!

I was so grateful for her help.

Thank you so much.

PA at Vaucluse

Estate clearance – Central Coast

Karen is an exceptional Decluttering Organiser

She was an incredible support through an extremely stressful time when I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of clearing all of my parents’ possessions, accumulated over 80+ years.

Karen tactfully steered me through effective processes to get through 90% of the task, including recommending we need an extra pair of hands and engaging a second organiser for two days.

I could not have gotten through this challenge without her professional skill and wonderful support.

Caroline Wenzil – Journalist – Sydney

Toy room declutter and organise:

…what we achieved in 6 hours what I have been unable to do in years.

I would like to thank you for the work that you did with me and my children to de-clutter their bedroom. They had accumulated so many toys! I didn’t know where to start. To my relief, what we achieved in 6 hours what I have been unable to do in years.

Jennine Sutton Mother of 3, Concord

Workspace and personal living space:

“I feel so much better about my work-space and myself”

I appreciated Karen’s manner of advising me. She listened to me expressing my needs before she offered alternative ways to achieve my goals. This applied to my workplace and equally to my personal living space. Her advice was practical, achievable and immensely helpful. It will save me a lot of time.

Tony O'Brien - Randwick Catholic Parish

Estate clearance – Bondi Junction

“Best money for peace of mind I ever spent”

I am an Australian living in California, an enormous ocean away from my mother’s apartment. The job involved my coming to Sydney for a week and a half to clear an apartment with 20 years’ worth of belongings–there was grief involved as well as pressure. It was recommended I should find an accredited organiser. Karen was recommended to me as someone who is reliable and competent.

All I can say was and is Karen was an answer to my prayers on so many levels. She is wise, sensitive, and discerning and gets what needs to be done, get’s done. She is not afraid of mess and clutter that to me was daunting. She understood my need to respect Mum’s things and make hard decisions about what needed to go. We moved all the goods in a few days, hired trucks, cleaners, removalists, and more–AND it seemed effortless.

Best money for peace of mind I ever spent.

Jan Enfield – Project Manager – California

Declutter Garage:

“I danced a jig of joy, the first time in 20 years”

We had a large amount of unpacked stuff in the garage. Long story short, we ended up donating boxes of things we never use to charity. I am so happy with the results I can finally relax. Karen’s team took were an absolute joy to work with. I danced a jig of joy, the first time in 20 years.

NDIS Participant - Oatley

The Benefits of Getting Organised & Clearing Clutter

Save money without overthinking

Once you get organisied, you’ll know what you already own, eliminating the need to buy duplicate items. Your professional organiser can also help you find the perfect organising products for your space and lifestyle, so you stop wasting money on items that just don’t work.

Be more productive at work with less effort

A professional organiser can create order and structure out of mess.  You’ll be amazed at how much you get done in shorter amounts of time. And by focusing on your priorities and goals, with less distraction, you’ll be able to finally move ahead toward reaching them.

A smart way to decrease stress

When you can find what you need, are on top of your to-dos, and arrive on time, you’ll feel calmer and have more peace of mind. No more feeling over-whelmed by life — you’ll be the one in control.

Your wishes for time granted

When you’re organised, your days go smoother and you get a lot done. That leaves more time to indulge in things that are important to you.

Find lost treasures

Sometimes when you declutter you get surprised, in a good way, with what you find. I’ve seen people find cash, long lost jewellery and other sentimental items. 

How long does it take?

The total cost and time of a project is dependent on several factors including:

The speed at which you make decisions.

 The quantity of items, size of space.

Larger or more complex areas, like kitchens, home offices will take longer.

Generally, in 3-4 hours we can complete a small space such as a pantry or closet.

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