We Sort & Pack Up Deceased estates

Situations where enlisting the help of a professional organiser to pack up a deceased estate can be advantageous include:

Emotional Support: A professional organiser provides compassionate support during the emotionally challenging task of dealing with a loved one’s belongings.

Efficient Sorting and Organisation: They assist in categorising and organising items, making the process streamlined and efficient.

Donations and Disposal: They identify suitable items for donation and coordinate responsible disposal practices.

Documentation and Inventory: They assist in documenting and creating an inventory of the estate’s belongings, useful for legal purposes, insurance claims, or future reference.

Packing and Labeling: Once you’ve selected the items to take with you, our service will expertly pack and label them to ensure effortless handling and organisation. The labels will specify the box contents and destination, including:

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Guidance in Selling Items: Receive support in selling items through auctions or online listings.

Timely Completion: Hiring a professional organiser ensures that the estate packing is completed in a timely manner, relieving you of additional stress.



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