"Simplify your surroundings organise your home and watch your life fall into place."
~ unknown

Home Organising:
for Peace & Efficiency

Are you tired of searching for items of clothing in a cluttered wardrobe? Can you find important documents quickly?

I specialise in organisation, decluttering and making spaces work for people.

My approach is to work with you to make sure everything you have is purposeful and/or adds to your life. I am efficient, I will ask you the right questions to make sure you are decluttering effectively, my goal is help you declutter and make a home that is best for you, not make a home that I this is good for me.

Feel free to reach out and I’m happy to help!

Home Organising Includes:

Pantry & Kitchen Organisation: Streamline your pantry and kitchen spaces for efficient storage and easy access to ingredients and utensils. 

Home Office Setup | Organise Paperwork Tackle paper clutter and establish an organised home office to enhance productivity and manage important documents.

Wardrobe & Bedrooms: Declutter and organise wardrobes and bedrooms, creating serene spaces where you can easily find and enjoy your clothing and personal belongings.

Garages and Attics: Transform cluttered garages and attics into functional spaces through effective organising, maximising storage and accessibility.

Declutter & Downsize: Expert assistance in decluttering and downsizing, helping you create a simplified living environment and reclaim valuable space in your home.

gentle guidance and a non-judgemental approach

Karen's Qualifications & Accreditations

I am a professional home organiser and declutter coach. 

  • Holds full insurance coverage
  • Holds a current National Police Certificate (police check)
  • Holds a current Mental Health First Aid Certificate
  • Recognised and accredited as an Expert by the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO)
  • Telephone Crisis Supporter with Life Line (two years)
  • Business Administration Diploma
  • Actively engaged in the Life Book Mastery program with Jon and Missy Butcher, gaining invaluable insights and strategies for holistic self-coaching and optimising all areas of life

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