NDIS Decluttering Assistance

NDIS Participants: Benefit from Home Organising!

Difficulty finding and accessing belongings: Participants who struggle with locating and accessing their belongings due to disorganisation can benefit from organising systems that simplify and streamline the process.

Sensory sensitivities: Individuals with sensory sensitivities, such as autism or sensory processing disorder, may require home organising to create a sensory-friendly environment that minimises overwhelming stimuli.

Executive functioning challenges: Participants with difficulties in planning, organisation, and time management can benefit from home organising strategies that provide structure, routines, and visual cues to support their daily activities.

Safety concerns: Participants with mobility or balance issues may need home organising services to eliminate safety hazards and create a secure living environment.

Overwhelm and stress: Those experiencing high levels of stress or overwhelm can find relief through decluttering and creating an organised space that promotes a sense of calm and well-being.

Transition to independent living: Individuals transitioning to independent living or new living arrangements may require assistance with home organising to establish a sense of ownership, independence, and effective space management skills.

Empowerment and well-being: Home organising can empower participants by giving them a sense of control, pride, and well-being, contributing to their overall happiness and quality of life.

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Our NDIS Service Includes:

At Clutterfree, we understand how clutter affects your daily life. With our dedicated support, your home can become a functional, personalised environment that meets your unique needs. 

Personalised Assessments: We assess your space to understand your needs and tailor our services accordingly.

Collaborative Sorting and Decluttering: We respect your autonomy and collaborate with you throughout the process. We provide practical tips for maintaining an organised space, empowering you to sustain the positive changes long-term..

Emotional Support: We understand that decluttering can evoke various emotions. Our experienced organisers provide a non-judgemental environment to address decluttering related emotions.

Creating a Safe and Independent Space: We create a safe and organised living space that fosters independence by making it easier for NDIS participants to navigate their surroundings, manage their belongings, and complete daily activities more efficiently.

Confidentiality and Respect: We treat your privacy and personal information with the utmost respect.

We Help Clients Who:

  • Live with chronic pain
  • Have neurodiverse conditions
  • Have limited mobility 
  • Experience depression and anxiety 
  • Need help getting ready for a rental inspection 
  • Hoard items 
  • Speak English as a second language
  • Had difficult experiences in the past – post traumatic stress disorder.
  • And more…

We provide a free initial telephone consultation to assess your needs and taylor a service to suit you.