Forty Years Worth Respectfully Sorted

“I had accumulated over 40 years’ worth of stuff that I probably should have thrown out but didn’t. Karen and her team were undaunted by the task and for every room they had a methodical approach that allowed me to sort out what to keep and what to donate or toss.  The team respected my preferences and supported my decisions about items that I just could not part with. I was so impressed with their philosophy of environmental preservation and their commitment to recycling. They supported me at every stage of what we were doing.”

Dr Tracey McDonald AM PhD, South Sydney


Professional skill, tact and methodology helped clear aged parents home

“Karen was an incredible support through an extremely stressful time when I had to dissolve my parent’s home of nearly 20 years when they moved into residential aged care.  I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of clearing all of my parents’ possessions, accumulated over their lifetimes of over 80 years and three continents – including important documents and photos relating to their parents and grandparents. Karen’s professional skill, tact and methodical approach ensured we cleared all 5 rooms in time.”

Carolin Wenzel, Media & PR Consultant, Sydney


Answer To Prayers - Clearing Mother's Estate Within A Week

“I am an Australian living in California, an enormous ocean away from my mother’s apartment that needed to be cleared after her death. The job involved my coming to Sydney for a week and a half to clear an apartment with 20 years’ worth of belongings–there was grief involved as well as pressure. Karen was an answer to my prayers on so many levels. She is wise, sensitive, and discerning and gets done what needs to be done. She understood my need to respect Mum’s things and make hard decisions about what needed to go. We moved all the goods in a few days, hired trucks, cleaners, removalists, and more–AND it seemed effortless.”

Jann, Project Manager USA, property at Bondi

Above And Beyond – Declutter Prior To Moving Done In No Time

“I’d been in hospital for three months, when I came out I could hardly do anything, I could hardly even walk. I needed to get my 2-bedroom flat cleaned quickly for an inspection by my real estate agent and it was a mess – I felt so embarrassed about it.

Karen was excellent. She put me at ease and the job was done in no time.

I decided to move interstate to live near my son and Karen came back later to help me deal with all the stuff I didn’t want anymore.

Karen goes above and beyond –  she is worth every cent I paid for her. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone.”

Jenny, retired nurse, North Sydney

Piles Of Stuff Everywhere - Made Manageable

“I was a geophysicist with the NSW Geological Survey carrying out airbourne surveys around Broken Hill when I had a serious motorcycle accident in 1981 that caused a serious head injury and left me with some brain damage – I was off work for 5 years.

My wife passed away in 2016, and by 2019 things had got a bit disordered around the house, especially my books and papers.  I would print out articles I wanted to read and leave them in piles with unsorted mail. My big study desk had piles of papers all over it and so did the dining room table.

Karen was able to calmly help me get things into order. She would help me categorise the papers into groups by asking questions like: ‘What needs to be dealt with right away? What can be dealt with later? and also – ‘What can be thrown out?’

I felt very supported that Karen was helping me make sensible decisions. I was so relieved by the end of the process – I had tidy looking piles that I could go through and deal with.”

James McIntyre, retired geophysicist, 77, Springwood

Practical, Achievable, Insightful Decluttering Advice And Support

“Karen enabled me to recognise the many effective actions I had set in place. This motivates me to implement the other practices she suggested. Karen really listened to me expressing my needs, before she offered alternative ways to achieve my goals. This applied to my work place and my personal living space.  Her advice was really practical, achievable and eminently helpful. I feel it will save me a lot of time, and give me satisfaction and pride. An exceptional quality is Karen’s willingness to tap into the essence of my work and life, and to offer suggestions which matched who I am with what I do.”

Fr Tony O’Brien Randwick

"Too many boxes and not enough time."

“My parents passed away and I inherited some money as well as all their belongings, which added to my own accumulation of glassware, crockery and pottery that I had collected over the years.

I had about 100 boxes in my garage, some containing quite valuable things, but I was terrified by the prospect of having to go through them all on my own.

I bought a property in regional South Australia and called on Karen and her team to help me deal with all this stuff which I really couldn’t handle on my own.

They were really marvellous – they left their judgement at the door and were very respectful towards me and my things.

It was traumatic as there wasn’t much time, but the Clear & Clutterfree team calmly helped me pack my household items that I needed for day to day life, and went through the boxes to repack fragile items so they could travel safely. I couldn’t have managed without them.”

Simon, retired, Inner West

Benefit Of Finally Being Rid Of Stress And Clutter Far Outweighed The Cost

“I hesitated to ask for help, however, Karen was exactly the person I needed. To finally rid myself of stress and clutter far outweighed the cost of the service. I found Karen to be caring and non-judgmental throughout the process.”

Vanessa Grice, mother of three, North Sydney

Handy Organising Solutions – Easy To Follow

“Karen did such a wonderful job organising our home. The ideas and handy solutions were so simple and easy to follow… Life in my home & office is easier now that it’s organised and clear of clutter… Can’t thank her enough… Her kind and respectful manner was such a delight to ease into everything.”

Disability Insurance (NDIS) Participant, 2019, Parramatta

Karen Helped Me Let Go Of Clothing I Held Onto For Years.

“I had so many clothes I didn’t use.  It made such a difference having Karen there because she helped me let go of clothing I held onto for many years. I feel much better going through my wardrobe and getting rid of clothes I no longer feel comfortable in.”

Michelle P, Riverwood 

Efficiently Sorted All My Paperwork

“All my life I have been notorious for ‘keeping everything’.  Recently I saw an article in a newspaper “find a professional organiser” and as I had recently moved into a new home, I decided this was the time.  I chose Karen because she appeared to be the person I needed.  She came and very efficiently sorted out all my paperwork for me.”

Wilma Varcoe, Monavale

Handy Organising Solutions – Easy To Follow

“Karen did such a wonderful job organising our home. The ideas and handy solutions were so simple and easy to follow… Life in my home & office is easier now that it’s organised and clear of clutter… Can’t thank her enough… Her kind and respectful manner was such a delight to ease into everything.”

Disability Insurance (NDIS) Participant, 2019, Parramatta

Exceeded expectations

Karen exceeded my expectations – she was able to identify my main pain point through our conversation. Something that I wasn’t aware of before. I’m so glad I found her.

Suki Leong, Eastern Suburbs

Sorting & Organisation To Help Find Relevant Files Easily

“Karen helped me sort through papers – I was able to weed out what was not wanted and now I can put my hands on relevant files straight away! Surprisingly, the process also got me motivated to update a bunch of other things on my to-do-list.”

Kathy Myrtle, Computer Coach, Bondi

Able To Declutter My Children’s Rooms In A Day

“With my son going to high school next year and my daughter holding onto things that she never plays with, they had accumulated so many toys that I didn’t know where to start. To my relief, we achieved in six hours what I have been unable to do in years.”

Jennine Sutton, Mother, Concord

I Have Fallen In Love With My Craft Room Again!

“I really wasn’t expecting organising and decluttering to be fun, but it was actually very satisfying finding things and making decisions. I love having my craft tools within easy reach. I love having quilt pieces housed together, instead of bits here and there. No wonder I was overwhelmed. I have fallen in love with my craft room again. I have completed four quilts in recent weeks!”

Ann Parker, Passionate Quilter – Ryde