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About Karen’s Assistance

Hello and welcome. I’m Karen, a dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in decluttering and organising homes. Since 2008, I’ve had the privilege assisting individuals and families in transforming their living spaces into organised and harmonious environments.

My journey in this field has been enriched by diverse roles, such as serving as a personal assistant and living as a volunteer at a beautiful meditation retreat center in the Blue Mountains. These experiences have deepened my understanding of simplifying life and strengthened my problem-solving skills.

I enjoy assisting individuals in making progress, and I thrive on turning challenges into opportunities for growth. If you’re facing a difficult situation within the scope of our work, rest assured that I’ll do my best to provide creative solutions to help you overcome it.

As a recognised and accredited professional organiser, I possess the expertise needed to guide and empower you in making the necessary changes for a more organised and fulfilling life.

Together, let us make your space more calming and joyful by making it more functional and organised.

Karen’s Applicable Credentials

  1. With 15+ years of experience, I bring a personalised approach to each client’s unique needs.

I have been assisting people who:

    • Live with chronic pain
    • Have neurodiverse conditions
    • Have limited mobility
    • Experience depression and anxiety
    • Are dealing with deceased estates
    • Are ready to address hoarding tendencies?
    • Are time-poor professionals
    • Are parents, caregivers, and much more?


    • Fully insured with police clearance
    • Certificate in Mental Health First Aid
    • Former Lifeline Crisis Supporter
    • Former Personal Assistant (10 years)
    • Business Administration Diploma
    • Hoarding Home Solutions Graduate
      • 4 years experience working with people who have hoarding tendencies
    • Recognised as an Expert by IOPO
    • Operating in Sydney since 2008
    • See also our Client Feedback:

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