Summary of How We Work


Free initial consultation – by phone


In-home assessment (if more than one space)




Set dates


50% deposit and a service agreement


Work Starts


If you need something done urgently, we require that you pay for it in full in advance.

free initial consult

During the consultation, I’ll ask you about your specific needs to get a sense of what type of help you need. There’s no judgment, and I’ll do my best to ensure that you receive the help you need.  

We may also schedule a time to take a look at the space/s that need attention. Consulting and planning for complex situations incurs a fee.

Estimate - set dates

Once an estimate/quote and time frame has been agreed upon, the next step is service agreement and a 50% deposit. 

Having a service agreement in place can provide some peace of mind, knowing that both parties have agreed to the terms of service.

Work Started

This is where we set aside a dedicated block of time for hands-on sorting and organising your space/s. Everyone’s home is unique and so is their journey, we will also need your guidance.

We look forward to a productive and successful journey together.

Prices will go up in January 2024, so get a package deal now for a good price.