Terms and Conditions

1.    Length of Service

a)  There is no minimum number of sessions required by you.

b)  There is no obligation to continue using the service.

c)  The level of service provided will be tailored to according to your needs.

d)  A prepaid package is valid for 3 months, unless we agree otherwise.

2.    Clear & Clutterfree currently provides the following services:

2.1   Scope of work
    • Consultation to assess the client’s organising needs and objectives
    • Development of a customised organising plan
    • Implementing a customised plan
    • Declutter and pack up your home to prepare for a move or sale
    • Downsizing and decluttering assistance
    • Deceased estate clearance
    • Unpack and set-up your new home
    • Support people who struggle with hoarding or large collections
    • Identify and research potential services to finish your project
    • Coordination of third-party suppliers
    • Identify suitable items for donation and coordinate responsible disposal where practical
    • Sort paperwork

If you have selected any of the Services listed, then the conditions outlined in this Agreement will  be applicable to all of them.

3.   Initial review/consultation

a)     In the first session, we will discuss your needs, goals, and challenges, and assess the space(s) that require attention. We will also ask about your readiness to make changes.

b)     We may take notes and photos, with consent, for record-keeping purposes only.

c)      One or more team members may attend. We’ll discuss approaches, frequency, and timelines.

4.   Business and service hours

a)     Our hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

b)     Please keep calls and text messages within these hours so we can offer our best assistance.

c)     If outside our regular hours are required, additional fees may apply for weekend and public holidays.

d)     In-person sessions are a minimum of 3 hours when located in Sydney.

e)     A minimum of 4 hours if located outside of Sydney.

5.   Fees, payment, and reimbursements

5.1  Fees

a)      Clear & Clutterfree charges a fixed fee in AUD.

b)      Billable services include:

      • meeting the client at their location
      • hands-on organising and decluttering
      • coaching and decluttering support
      • reports, phone calls, text messages, other than the initial telephone assessment or appointment related
      • and work done on behalf of the client that does not require face-to-face interaction

c)      Our fee does not include products, supplies or third-party services such as skip bins or rubbish removal. An additional 20% fee is charged if we purchase products, boxes, or supplies for you. This fee covers the time it takes to acquire them.

d)      There’s no charge for working out appointment times, feedback or brief emails.

5.2  Payment

a)      Balance of payment is expected at the end of the service, including any travel fee.

b)     We accept direct bank transfers, credit cards, cash and PayPal.

c)      We increase our fees sometimes, but we will notify you in advance of any increase.

5.3  Travel Reimbursements

a)     We’ll establish a travel fee beforehand, if necessary, to cover fuel, tolls, parking, mileage, and some of our time before beginning.

b)    The first 30 kilometers in either direction, or 90 minutes of total travel time, are free of charge. Any travel time to and from your location exceeding this limit may result in an additional fee.

c)      Should accommodation be required for longer jobs at distance, a flat fee of $150 per night will be charged for each organiser to cover accommodation and meals.

d)     NDIS will cover the cost of our services for self-managed or plan-managed participants, including travel expenses. If there is a shortfall, the client will need to cover it.


5.4 Escrow Agreement for Decluttering Services

a)  Real Estate Agents please refer to a separate agreement, if applicable.


6.    Deposit, Discounts & Expiry

a)      A deposit is required to secure your first booking with Clear & Clutterfree

b)     A prepaid package offer is valid for 7 days.  (There is no discount on Pay-as-You-Go).

c)     A prepaid discount package is valid for 3 months and cannot be transferred.

7.     Late Payment

a)      A fee of $20 for administration may be levied on payments that are overdue by more than 7 days. Additionally, 3% monthly interest will be charged, unless alternative arrangements have been made with us in writing.

b)     If you don’t pay your invoice on time and a collection agency or law firm gets involved, you’ll have to pay for all the associated costs, including commission fees and legal fees.

c)      Additionally, if the client takes legal action due to a breach of this agreement, they are entitled to recover their legal fees and expenses.

8.    Working Together Safely

a)      Safety of everyone working together is important.

b)      It is your responsibility to ensure animals; or small children are not present during sessions to avoid accidents.

c)      You must tell us if any situation is unsafe, such as:

      • tripping hazards
      • dangerous animal present
      • any recent infectious diseases
      • Our organisers expect these items to be removed or locked away before we arrive:
      • firearms or other weapons
      • illicit drugs, prescription medications, syringes, and/or other dangerous items
      • items of high monetary or sentimental value

d)      If a scheduled session exceeding 4 hours needs to be reduced due to unexpected mental health problems, we may charge a minimum of 3 hours per organiser as a one-time exception. We are willing to assist you in any way possible if you require a break. However, please keep in mind that we cannot accommodate changes of heart by shortening a scheduled session.

9.    Privacy

a)      We agree to handle any personal information you provide to us, solely for the purpose of performing our obligations under this Agreement.

b)      We may collect your name, address, and contact details.

c)      Any relevant disabilities and/or illnesses

d)      Personal and professional emergency contact details

e)      Our privacy policy can be viewed here. https://clutterfree.com.au/privacy-policy

f)      Your information will be kept confidential even after the professional relationship is over.

10.  Cancellations or rescheduling your appointment.

If you want to cancel or reschedule a pre-booked appointment with us, you must inform us at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

11.   Late notice cancellation fee

a)   If you cancel or change your appointment within 48 hours of the appointment time, a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of your session’s full rate will be applied.

b)    However, in cases of an emergency or suspected COVID infection, we will consider waiving this fee.

12.  Late starts and non-attendance

a)     Please ensure timely access to the address within 15-20 minutes of the scheduled appointment.

b)     In cases of delay, kindly notify us beforehand. The waiting period is a maximum of 15–20 minutes. After 15-20 minutes, the client shall be considered a no show and will be subject to full charges for the missed session.

c)    Our full cancellation policy can be found at https://clutterfree.com.au/cancellation-policy 

13.  Working together

a)    You have requested our services to provide guidance, support, and assistance with the organisation and/or decluttering of your home earlier by:

i. Sending us an email and accepting our quote

ii. Confirming acceptance by telephone or

iii. Making a full or partial payment

b)     In order to facilitate the decluttering, organising, and tidying up of your home, as well as assisting with your paperwork, we require your cooperation in providing us with the necessary information for us to offer a personalised service. This is a personal activity, and our aim is to ensure that your living space is orderly and efficient.

c)    Please speak up if at any time you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

d)    Please ensure you are ready to work when a professional organiser arrives.

e)    The outcomes depend upon the level of your participation, your willingness to purge or donate, your decision-making abilities, and how well you follow through on suggestions provided. If you don’t do those things, results may not be what was initially expected.

f)     We request that you trust our capabilities and avoid providing excessive guidance. We believe that too much direction may impede our productivity. It would greatly benefit us if you could have confidence in our skills. We may feel uneasy if your expectations are too demanding and rigid. 

14.  Out of Scope

a)     Deep Cleaning: Clear & Clutterfree will not be responsible for cleaning heavily soiled areas and may recommend other services or products.

b)     Selling items: We can assist with taking photos of things to be sold, but the client is in charge of all items that will be sold, disposed of, or given away. 

c)      Donation policy: We may remove donations that are size appropriate and donate on your behalf. This is limited to one trip per session. You understand donations once removed, are not recoverable through Clear & Clutterfree. 

d)     Medical or financial advice: We do not provide financial or medical advice.

15.  Third party services

a)      If you choose to use services from a third party, it will be a separate agreement from ours.

b)     We can help you find third party services through our research efforts.

c)      We accept no responsibility for the quality or delivery of third parties.

16.  Warranty & Indemnification

a)    Insurance Coverage for Professional Organisers: Our Professional Organisers are covered by Professional Liability (PL) and Public Indemnity (PI) Insurance.

b)    Indemnification Agreement: By engaging our services, you agree to indemnify Clear and Clutterfree’s employers and/or contractors, keeping them harmless against all legal claims arising from circumstances beyond the control of the Professional Organisers.

c)    Indemnification in Varied: You agree to indemnify Clear & Clutterfree and its personnel and subcontractors. Our services may involve working in your private residence, with your possessions, or in the presence of children or pets.

d)    Responsibility for Possessions: You, the client, hold the responsibility for all decisions concerning the movement, management, destination, and destruction of your possessions.

e)    Exceptions to Indemnity: This indemnity does not apply to any claim caused by Clear & Clutterfrees’ negligence or a breach of this Agreement.

17.  Dispute resolution and feedback

a)    In case of any disagreement between the parties involved in this Agreement, it shall be resolved through discussion and negotiation in good faith by both parties with the aim of reaching a mutually acceptable solution.

b)    Please do not hesitate to contact Karen immediately at 0425334537 or via email at [email protected].

c)    We strongly believe that respectful discussions are crucial in resolving any issues or concerns. You can rest assured that we will respond to your feedback or complaint within 48 hours.

18.  Australian Consumer Law

The services provided by Clear & Clutterfree are bound by Australian Consumer Law Rights and any liability relating to them. It is important to note that this agreement cannot override any of your legal entitlements under Australian Consumer Law Rights.

19.  Liability

a)     Even if there is anything in contrast, to the maximum extent allowed by law and considering your Consumer Law Rights, our liability will not cover indirect or consequential losses. The total amount we could be held responsible for under this Agreement is limited to the repayment of the Price you paid.

b)     Except for your legal rights, the services that are provided to you come without any warranties, be they implied or expressed.

20.  Governing Law

The governing law for this Agreement is New South Wales, Australia, and it is construed accordingly.

21.   Acceptance

a)     By making a deposit, it is confirmed that the client has read, understands and agrees to the terms outlined our Service Agreement.

b)     A deposit is necessary to secure an appointment for our service.